A Little History...

Star Lake began breeding registered Hereford cattle in central NH in 1985. In 1992 the decision was made to move the herd closer to the industry center, and as a result we moved our cattle to Skiatook, OK. Between 1992 and 2003 Star Lake Cattle Company was the top breeder of Hereford cattle in the United States, having won multiple Championships in Denver, Fort Worth, Louisville and Kansas City. It was during this time that our passion for quality breeding cattle ignited.

After many successful years in the Hereford business, the difficult decision was made to disperse the herd and sell the ranch in Oklahoma. Fortunately the new owners continued to build the Star Lake legacy. Today it is almost impossible to think about Hereford cattle without thinking of Star Lake.

After selling the Hereford cattle and moving the operation back to NH, we shifted our focus to a small group of Highland cattle originally purchased from a local breeder in 1997. Highland Cattle, known for their superior carcass quality and easy adaptability to the harsh New England climate, seemed to be a perfect fit and our original small herd has now grown to over 100 head. Today Star Lake Cattle Company is devoted to breeding the most effective and productive cattle of superior conformation while remaining faithful to the extraordinary character of the Highland breed.

Our commitment to the continued success of Star Lake Cattle Company and the Highland breed is unwavering. Through the use of strict selection criteria, artificial insemination to proven sires and an ambitious embryo transfer ET program, we have built a leading herd of Highland cattle.